Restless Sleep

I might have been dreaming of Hawaii this morning.  Or maybe I was just feeling restless and wanting Hawaii peace to flood my soul again… but I woke up wanting Kona coffee this morning.  It was such a treat!

So it’s still kinda early and dark… the coffee is fresh and hot… and I’m trying to get under center again.  Thankfully it’s working.

I didn’t sleep last night.  Or really for about the last 5 nights or more… maybe even the past couple weeks since getting back from Hawaii.  It was a slam-back-into-the-real-world-burn-up-in-the-atmosphere re-entry return home.

Hence the need to re-center.

Bandwidth 2

I am back to the questions…

What’s your bandwidth?

How much can you hold?  How wide can you trust?

To what lengths will you go?

How hard will you work?

How much pressure can you take?

How far can you stretch?

How willing are you to go the distance?

What makes someone’s bandwidth bigger or smaller?  Is it practice or circumstance?

Strategic and Achiever

I was re-reading Strengths Finder 2.0 yesterday… my top 2:  Strategic and Achiever… defines me to a T!  I can hardly believe it.

I have always been this way it tells me.
Yes I have.
I have a large bandwidth.
Yes I do.
I surround myself with people like me.
Yes I do… they help me get better.
I feel complete when I achieve something.
I am driven.
I am.
I see lots of solutions / paths / ideas.
All the time.
This is how I’m wired.
It is.
I can’t change this.
I probably could… but I don’t really want to.
I have an edge.
Yes I do… let’s walk up to it and look down.
It will make us dizzy.
Let’s take that chance.

Maybe it’s the coffee talking.


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