More Ballooning Adventures

Last weekend we were at Prosser Reservoir again… in the mountains near Truckee, California.  The whole area is a fog-magnet!

Geography / topography / water combine to create the perfect basin for low-lying clouds to hang out at ground level until the sun can get high enough to dry out the air.

Balloonists… many anyway… are not real fond of flying in fog… unless experience tells them that conditions will improve by landing time.  I can appreciate that.

This was the case last weekend.

Lucky Me!

The valley was socked in and thick clouds were hovering over the water, barely moving.  After some discussion between the pilots, we prepped and launched two balloons.

I was invited for a ride.  Lucky me!

Wind Rider was already high above us when we left the ground and though we could hear the burn of propane tanks, the clouds were so thick that we couldn’t see it.

Then… we rose up above the fog.  Oh my!

It’s exactly like being on an airplane flying so high that when you ascend and look down on a field of fluffy cottony white, it makes you want to jump out and run carefree and wild.  [Please don’t try this at home.  You will fall to the ground… trust me on that.]

Except… when you’re in a balloon… you actually could do that.  When you’re high above the clouds and can feel the fresh air on your face / smell the sweetness of the earth / see 360 degrees the vastness of creation… well… it fills you up.  In the way that holding a new baby does… or an intimate cup of coffee with a friend… or tears and hugs at the loss of someone special.  That kind of full-up.

Life can be different… if you want.

What I was reminded of that day is that life isn’t / doesn’t have to be the way it is.  Above the clouds (muck) of everyday living is a sun that warms and shines and lights the way.

Life isn’t just living in the ground fog.  There is a higher plane.

Life doesn’t have to be a series of gray days.  We can choose to reach toward the light.  We can rise.

This was a great lesson for me that day.  And it’s a great lesson for all of us on all days.

These ballooning adventures have re-taught me some profound wisdom.  Such an unexpected gift.

Thanks so much Vince and Chris.
I am deeply grateful.


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  1. Dan says:

    Thanks for the uplifting words. It is so easy to get lost in the fog being groundlings.

    • Elaine Menardi says:

      As my friend Mike C. says “Sometimes we have to go to the balcony”… or at least rise above the clouds!
      Thanks Dan 🙂

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