It looks great!

I picked up the latest album from Van Morrison yesterday.  Love the title!  Born to Sing:  No Plan B.  Isn’t that great?

I’ve only heard a little of the music on the radio but I love Van’s folksy style so I probably would have bought it anyway.

But the “No Plan B” was the clincher!

Tell Me Van!

What makes you so confident that you would live your life without some kind of back-up plan?  That you would be brave enough to put that out to the universe in word and song?

I love and admire that kind of courage.

I aspire to it.

My ‘No Plan B’


I’m working on some projects now that require the same courage.

I’m not sure if they’re going to work.  Actually I think they will… if… I put in the time / energy / heart and soul necessary to succeed.

But what if they don’t… what is My Plan B?

Part of me doesn’t want to even have a Plan B.  Because if I do then I might be tempted to sabotage Plan A because it’s just too hard… or too much work… or I’m not good enough… smart enough… talented enough… lucky enough…

You get the idea.

I might just settle for what was easier… less impossible.

But then the practical side of me says:

Everyone needs a Plan B!
Because Plan A might not work.
Plain and simple.  It might be a bad plan.

Honestly… how does any rational person ever achieve their dreams with this dual-thinking-brain?

Jesus’ Plan B

I don’t imagine Jesus had a Plan B.  He definitely thought about it though… in the Garden of Gethsemane:

Father… take this cup away…

But in the next breath, he went back to Plan A:

… not my will but yours…

God’s will = Plan A.
My will = Plan B.

Or at least that’s probably how it should be.  It’s just that I get it backwards all too often.

So… I’ll be focusing on Plan A for now.  Really want that one to work out.

Brave Voyager Onward !


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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  1. Ronald of Richmond says:

    I love this post…………….for me AND for you. Easy for me to say!

  2. Dan Mulhall says:

    Loved the photo of Godzilla. Yes, there was single minded focus, and yes, that’s the mindless approach to our lives so many of us take. Van M’s No Plan B line is also priceless, thanks for sharing. I take that as the anti-Godzilla line–KNOW what you want to do and focus on that, don’t just mindlessly attack. No plan B says to me that I’m not distracted by other options, I know what I want and I go for it with everything I’ve got. And you don’t worry about whether it has been successful or not. You commit your heart to the future and you give it your all. No apologies, no regrets.

    • Yes! Know what you want… focus on the goal… go for it with everything you’ve got.
      Commit your heart and soul… how can there not be success when you do that!
      Thanks for the reminder. Today is an important day!
      Peace 🙂

      • Dan Mulhall says:

        Prayers on this important day.
        You ask, how can there not be success? The answer is how you define success. Your actions may not lead to monetary success or critical success but they will certainly lead to the successful presentation of your ideas. Remember, hard work itself does not guarantee success. There is no promise of anything. All you can do is be faithful to what drives you–your mission–and trust in God for all else. Actually, that’s what I think it means to follow God’s will.

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