I don’t like to write about such things.

With great power comes great responsibility.

I was reminded recently about how small thinking can make us feel better… like we have some modicum of certainty and control in an existence where quite frankly, we have none.

If there is a singular profound lesson I have learned in my medium-length lifetime, it would be:

Anything that leads us to believe we can control our own life is an illusion.

That said… I admit out loud:  Yes… I believe we have free will.  Yes… I believe that our choices are real as well as the outcomes of those choices.  Yes… I believe I can create a life that uniquely defines me.

But outside of that… I’m not in control.

I don’t think anyone is.  And again quite frankly, I’m pretty happy about that.  It’s too much power for anyone less big than God.


I gave a presentation about the end times.  Ironically that’s usually a fairly controversial topic in Catholic circles… on par with “Don’t talk religion and politics in mixed company.”  Don’t talk end times.

The thorny theme typically is the whole subject of judgment.  Who gets to go to heaven and who doesn’t… who upholds the rules and who skates… who earns the reward and who squanders their inheritance on fancy parties and loose women.

In my mind, it’s pretty clear how God will receive each of us.  I mean… we do have the story of the Prodigal Son to help us trust and know that God’s unconditional love is real.  I’m counting on that when my time comes.

But in the open conversation, comments circled round and round the drain that since the Prodigal Son had willfully chosen a life of debauchery {that’s such a strange word}… even though he asked for forgiveness, there was more than the possibility that he would / should spend eternity in hell.

[Mentally… you can go the whole 9 yards and replace the Prodigal Son’s life of debauchery with any number of unsavory behaviors… practicing a different faith {or not practicing it}… living a lifestyle incongruent with the acceptable convention… living outside the fullness of Truth, etc.]

Where do you fall?

I fall on the side that we have to leave the door open and invite the possibility that God’s unconditional love is real and available to all…

… that it’s entirely possible that Osama bin Laden and Adolf Hitler… for all their grievous acts of sin… could be in heaven.

If I don’t claim that reality, then I don’t really believe in God’s unconditional love… I buy into the whole merit-badge system that I have to earn my own salvation.

Lucky for us…

God is big enough to take care of all that.  Because it would be bad if any of us wielded such final power.

We know this… and we even say it out loud frequently… but when push comes to shove, it’s all too easy to take back the judgment-making-power and decide who is worthy and who is not.

It is part-and-parcel of small-thinking.  And it helps us to feel right… and in control.

Yes… lucky for us that God is big enough… and kind enough… to let us go on thinking that way.


About Elaine Menardi

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