Sometimes a Frog Escapes

In some conversations, I try really hard to filter my thoughts and censor my words before they are spoken aloud and put out into the universe.  [I wish politicians would work on perfecting this skill… heck… a lot of people could work on this.]

In a lot of cases, I do pretty well at catching myself before saying something unnecessary or hurtful… but sometimes a frog escapes.  [My friend Al taught me to call them frogs because they just come croaking out from the back of your throat and then hop straight away before you can even think to grab hold and take them back.  Frogs!]

At my end times talk the other day, a woman let a frog escape:

They say it’s painful in Purgatory.

I am listening acutely so I respond right away:


Who are ‘they’?  And how did ‘they’ know?

The woman back-pedals quickly realizing how a common phrase sounds fairly ridiculous in this context.

I don’t know anyone who has come back with a tale from Purgatory and apparently she doesn’t either.

Frog!  [Like in the movie Up… Squirrel!]

It strikes me as funny

… how often these kinds of cliche witticisms get thrown out in casual conversation these days.  Sometimes it really just is a blissfully ignorant roll-off-the-tongue frog that makes no sense or difference in the grand scheme.

But more often, it’s an attempt to elevate our own ego selves by showing off our wisdom / knowledge / life experience or some other character quality of which we are immensely proud.

I’m not going to judge which side of the coin the Painful-in-Purgatory comment falls on.  It mostly just gives me an opportune moment to pause and reflect on the times when frogs escape from my mouth.

And the greater question it all prompts in me is:

Why do we give so much energy trying to be the one who knows it all?
Why is it so important to always be #1?
Anyone or anything… take your pick.

My team is better than yours.  My country is better than yours.  My church is better than yours.  My religion is better than yours.

On and on.

I don’t understand why being #1 is so important.
Because that moment when you are #1 is so fleeting.

So why does it matter so much?

One of my very favorite quotes ever:

Every 24 hours the world turns over on a man who thought he was on top of it.

Detroit Tigers’ Sparky Anderson

Peace out.


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