Not Just the Weather

I am moving / growing / changing / shifting  toward gray these days.  Everything used to be so much easier… more black and white… now it looks gray.

[Maybe it’s just me… getting gray-er…]

I’ve seen their true colors.

During this election, I discovered that I have a lot a lot of very opinionated Facebook friends… significant numbers on both sides of the political coin… all deeply entrenched in their respective issues and candidates.  Election night ensued with heated discussion.

In some cases, these people turned downright mean to each other.  Good, honest, self-proclaimed Christian people slinging mud at each other online.  It was awful to watch… so I logged out of Facebook and focused on the official mud-slinging on television.  Hmmmph.

Aside:  For the past 6 months I have been told that I live in a swing state which is why we’ve had to endure so much negative campaigning.  In the end, the presidential race was already conceded before any reports of Nevada tallies became public.  So much for being a swing state.  Hmmmph again.

Living in the Gray-Zone

In the wake of this week’s outcomes, I find myself feeling more comfortable in the gray zone… the middle ground between ‘their’ opinions and ‘their’ opinions… probably because I don’t think either side has a lock on the real truth.

Apply this to political parties if you want.  But also include church… and basically any individual or organization that sets itself up in opposition to someone else.

We run-at-the-mouth that government is gridlocked because of rampant partisanship and that officials can never seem to work out their differences in compromise.

We do the same thing in our everyday lives.  We don’t call it partisanship… but it is.  We refuse to budge from our entrenched beliefs and ideals in order that we might understand someone else’s circumstances with compassion.

Same difference.

We Inherit the Mission

I wrote on my Facebook page yesterday:

We inherit the mission to do our best work in spite of who is in the leader’s seat… that is our call as true disciples.  We tend to forget that God is ultimately in control.

We can all work together to create a better world.

In fact, we should all be doing that already anyway.

I guess we find excuses to abdicate that responsibility when my-black-and-white doesn’t match your-black-and-white.

That must be why the gray-zone feels more comfortable right now.


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4 responses »

  1. Robert Chorey says:

    I live for GRAY…I find God’s mercy there, and that is where I can meet others.

    • I think the gray-zone might be the best place for finding mercy… and it’s so comforting to meet others there too because it means we’re all in the same boat. Thanks for expanding horizons!
      Peace 🙂

  2. mikedaroza says:

    I like gray!!!
    It’s even becoming a natural highlight to my hair!
    But besides my new distinguished look, I totally get the gray reference, and believe me, it’s much nicer to be there, not trying to fight, win or lose the WORLD’S battles.
    Someone, somewhere once said we shouldn’t conform to the ways of the world (sounds gray to me).
    Anyway, I saw your post and wanted to say I liked it!
    If you’re interested, you should check out my site A Changing Grace, and if nothing else, you will probably like the “gray-ish” type of post I wrote last week called “Cast Votes, not Stones.”
    Keep up the good work.
    In His Grace,

    • Thanks Mike! I’m getting some highlights as well 🙂
      Yea… I find mercy in the gray-zone and also people like you.
      Thanks for stopping by… I’ll check out A Changing Grace.
      Peace 🙂

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