Black Friday looms.

I am always always surprised by the renewed fervor that escalates year after year around this informal national holiday.

The frenzy is almost as frenzied as Shark Week!

I get Shark Week…  I don’t get Black Friday… or even Cyber-Monday.  I mean… you can buy stuff anytime.

In a world…

I dreamed of sharks the other night.  I was standing in a huge fishbowl circled by a dark-green-sea-water-wall.  Sharks swam around me at the crest of the wave but I could only see their ominous shadows through this ocean-glass.

I was holding a $20 bill and I accidentally dropped it to the dry ground at my feet.  A voice from behind shouted “No!  Let it go!” warning me not to reach down for it.  When I looked down, I saw the names of all the people who had been eaten by the sharks.

Where You Can Have Anything You Want

There’s a great little book called Anything You Want by Derek Sivers.  It’s the story of one of the most impressive entrepreneurs I’ve ever encountered.  Not because of the success Derek created with his multi-million dollar company CD Baby… but because of what he did when he sold it.  He put all of the proceeds into a music education trust fund and uses only the interest as his means of income.

Somewhere along the way, he decided that even though it’s possible to get anything-you-want, you really only need to have enough.

[Check out Derek on TED here and here.]

What do you need?

So the bottom line is this:

In a world where you can have anything you want, what do you need?

Yes.  This question is intentionally posed just in time for Black Friday.  And… No.  I don’t subscribe to the notion that buying stuff is inherently evil.

I have as much stuff as the next person… [although we did go thru the Great Purge just a few months ago.]

For me the real question is:  How much is enough?

And it’s more deeply nuanced than how much stuff is enough.  It’s more like…

How much love do I need?  How much patience and peace?
How much do I need family and friends in my life?
How much do I need God and faith?

So if I can truly have anything I want, why don’t I work harder to get it?

Okay… Black Friday.  Here I come.


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