Elaine’s world-fabulous chocolate pecan pie

I am so excited for tomorrow!  The Thanksgiving feast!

For some reason, this year’s celebration takes on even more meaning than past years.  I’m not exactly sure why… maybe I am getting better at seeing God’s work in my life.

At any rate, it will be a great day for family and friends / turkey and pecan pie / chitchat and football.

Quiet Time to Think

I’ve had the need and opportunity to reflect on a huge array of life happenings over the past year.  My life has been extremely full of change / challenge / hard work.  It’s taken just about as much mental and spiritual reflection as physical labor to make sense of what God is asking these days.

It’s all good… we’re all good… but it’s been quite the journey.

So I’m looking at this whole giving-thanks-thing with new eyes.

It’s super easy to give thanks for the good things in life.  And really… we should be doing that all the time anyway.

It’s quite another thing to give thanks for the not-so-easy challenges that God always seems to deliver right on schedule.

How to Give Thanks Properly

So I invite you to join me in these prayers during your holiday activities.

Give thanks for a person who challenges you to be more kind and forgiving.
Give thanks for a situation that calls you to be more creative and find new solutions to problems.
Give thanks for an opportunity to show your stamina and character.
Give thanks for a circumstance that reminds you how to be a true disciple.
Give thanks for a moment that defines your integrity.
Give thanks for activities in your life that build mental toughness.
Give thanks for people who show you what it really means to be a person who loves deeply.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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