Just in time for Advent!

Rainmaker with wordsAt the request of a reader, I have decided to postpone today’s planned post in favor of making a list for you to ponder.

In these last couple of weeks of Advent, we have lots of time to make some rain! So I would like to invite you to pick one for each day until Christmas… you don’t have to go in order… and give it a try.

See what kind of downpour you can create in you / around you / for others!

Then come back and leave a comment or two about what you felt / saw / heard / experienced / watched / encountered / learned / understood / you get the idea.

15 Ideas for Rainmakers

  1. Pray for someone you don’t particularly like that they will be blessed with all good things.

  2. Pick one day and let the-person-behind-you-in-line go first… no matter how many lines you are in.

  3. Choose a person you encounter everyday… a family member or maybe a co-worker… and let them get their own way without contradicting them.  [Make sure it’s a prudent choice though, i.e., with children… don’t let them eat cookies all day!]

  4. Go through your typical daily tasks and do anonymous good deeds for those you know and don’t know.  Try to watch their faces.

  5. Hold the door open for other people.  Let them go in first even if means they will be first in line to wherever you’re going.

  6. Smile and greet every person you encounter with… “Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!”  [If you can’t manage it Truman Burbank-style, choose one!]

  7. Schedule an afternoon or an evening to be completely present to someone important in your life.  Put aside all distractions including cell phones / televisions / computers, etc.

  8. Bake cookies with a loved one and then decorate them!

  9. Volunteer your Saturday morning at some type of local service organization… serving food / wrapping presents / delivering Meals-on-Wheels / shoveling snow / singing carols / visiting elders / sharing faith… whatever fills your heart and spirit.

  10. Take a walk in the fresh air with someone you know who needs a friendly ear.  Just listen and maybe offer a prayer and a hug.

  11. Pray out loud to yourself.  Praying out loud has a way of holding us more accountable… try it.

  12. Compliment everyone you meet… even if it’s difficult… find something nice to say.

  13. Pick a day to withhold all criticism… even if you are justified.  You can always talk about problems later.

  14. Be a person of non-violence.  Reflect on all the big and little ways that violence sneaks into everyday conversation / thoughts / actions… even sarcastic humor at another’s expense.  Just for one day, act differently.

  15. Choose to pray in a way that is new and different for you.  Step out of your comfort zone and connect with God using the Bible or a YouTube video or a spiritual book… anything that might be out of the norm for you.  Try it a few times and see what happens.

What else?

How are you a rainmaker?  Do share!


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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    Like this one Laine

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