Riding Medusa

I have had a hugely wild ride on the life rollercoaster for a long while now.  I feel like one of those marathoners who wants to set the world-record for How-Many-Times-I-Can-Ride-Medusa and not be sick.

The last time I rode Medusa [at Six Flags in Vallejo, California for the OnFire NorCal Jam] I was just coming down with a terrible head cold.  And that single rollercoaster whirl flung snot into every nook and cranny of my brain.  My head about near exploded… it was so full-up.  [I went through 2-giant boxes of Puffs in a week.  No joke.]

Take a peek.  I actually filmed this while riding Medusa.

How to Clear Snot from Your Soul

And now my soul is full-up with snot in the same way.  How do you get rid of the gunk?

First Step:  Get off the rollercoaster!

It just keeps compounding the amount of snot inside.

The key question to ask yourself is:  What changes do I need to make [to lessen and/or eliminate the snot]?

Identify what the uphills / steep drops / corkscrew curves / loop-dee-loops are in your life.  And then figure out how you want to deal more effectively with them… even better… how / if they can be avoided all together.

Sometimes life just throws you for a loop.  The trick is to learn how to make it easier on the stomach.

Second Step:  Sit for a spell on the bench as you exit the ride.

Sounds simple… maybe a little silly… possibly unnecessary… but trust me.  Just sit.

Maybe you won’t feel it straight away but the dizziness will set in… sometimes quicker than others.  And then comes the disorientation.  In the absence of the frenetic chaos of the rollercoaster, it’s hard to know REAL up-from-down or even REAL side-to-side.

It takes a little while to get your bearings.  It just does.

And until you do, even though you feel off-balance / askew / off-kilter … it just seems like you should be doing something… anything… to stay busy.  Because we’re so used to being busy all the time… because if we are living life well then we’re full-up with busyness.  It makes us feel wanted and valuable that people need us so much.

Whoa Nellie!  The whole idea was to clear the snot out of your soul.

So sit.  Be still.  Know God is God.  Let that I’m-still-moving feeling pass.

Third Step: Ask a friend to walk you to your car.

Sometimes I underestimate the value of a good friend in these circumstances.

Because I don’t want to reveal my insecurities… to risk being vulnerable to criticism or even just plain old-fashioned honest advice.  It’s really hard to hear words we-know-we-need-to-hear… even from people we love and trust.  Those people in our lives especially can often see more clearly than we can.

That’s why they are part of our inner circles in the first place… because they reflect us back to ourselves.

So how does it go again?

How do you clear the snot out of your soul?

Get off the rollercoaster… because it just compounds the amount of snot.

Sit for a spell on the bench as you exit the ride.  Be still and know God is God.

Ask a friend to walk you to your car.  Go on the journey together.

Eventually your head… and your soul… will clear up.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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  1. Susan Lovato says:

    LaineOne of your best messages.Connected with our inner circle reflecting us back to ourselves.Much to think about today.Thank you Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 20:09:11 +0000 To: lovatosl@hotmail.com

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