Leave the apartment at 4:45 am to catch the first flight of the day.  Heading to the NFCYM Annual Membership Meeting in Savannah, Georgia.  It’s always fun to reconnect with youth ministry colleagues from all over the country.

My first priority is to get breakfast and coffee to carry onto the plane.

Yikes!  Security lines are long!  Way too long for the usual Reno airport travel day… what’s the deal?

No time to get anything… Now Boarding! comes the intercom voice.


organic jelly beans

I never knew these even existed!

Delayed on the ground in Reno because the shear pin on the tow-bar… well… sheared.

Only 10 minutes late getting into Sky Harbor International… but with a lengthy speedy jaunt over to the connecting gate, I arrive just in time to… Now Boarding! comes the voice again.

Still no time for breakfast or coffee.

I ordered the fruit and cheese snack pack.  I did not notice the Products subject to change in fine print.  I got… barbecue chicken in a small tuna-like can, chocolate chip mini-cookies and organic jelly beans.  Ugh!

But I’m very hungry and my four little Clementine oranges just didn’t cut it.


Little bit of a wait in Houston… so I have enough time for a chicken quesadilla.  Yum!

I can focus again with some food in my belly… which is good because I need to do some more writing on another Theology of Social Media paper.

Get on the next plane and lean back into the takeoff… and it hits me.  The missing link!  The elusive outline of topics that will gel my whole paper into a coherent insightful flow of thoughts.

Now I can finish it!  [Teresa… I made an outine.]


The fourth and shortest leg of the whole journey.  Another hasty trek to the connecting gate.

Take off… cruising altitude for 15 minutes… and then begin descent.

Overall just enough time for a power nap.  By now it’s dark again.

Catch my shuttle and head into downtown Savannah.  I can hear my friends’ voices around the corner from the hotel registration desk.  The evening festivities have begun.

Time for a burger and a beer.

It’s been a good day.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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  1. Susan Lovato says:

    Laine, your trips are so amusing. thx 4 share

    Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2013 18:17:24 +0000 To: lovatosl@hotmail.com

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