Gonna Be a Great Day :/

I usually start my day pretty early in the morning… almost always it’s still dark when I roll out of bed.  Today… like I do every morning on chilly days, I pulled on my sweat pants and my slippers.  I went to make some coffee but something just wasn’t right.  [Because it was before coffee… it took a few moments for my brain to figure out what was off.]

Sure enough… my sweat pants were on backwards.  And when I took them off… I saw that my slippers were on the wrong feet.  Great!  This is going to be a fun-filled day.

Naturally, I started reflecting on what was in store.

Rock ‘n Worship

Last weekend, I went to Sacramento with some friends to The Rock and Worship Roadshow!  (<– click to go to their website)  It was pretty epic!

A collection of some of my favorite Christian music bands all playing the same show… combining their concert-style performances with prayer / faith-sharing / stories and roughly 17,000+ people.  The kicker?  Admission = $10.


MercyMe takes the stage!

What I had forgotten…

… is how much I love music.   I felt a little sad when I realized that I haven’t listened to some of these guys for a while.  And some puzzle pieces started fitting into place… music fills my soul and feeds my spirit.  No wonder I’ve been feeling empty.

Bart Millard is the lead singer for MercyMe… if you can pick him out in the photo, he’s the guy near the center with the hat.  [If you follow him on Twitter then you know that he’s quite the funny character.]  He shared some great stories near the end of the night… reflections on his song titled “Beautiful”.

Seems he wrote it for his two daughters… from a dad who wants to help them grow into strong, confident women without the baggage of trying-to-be-what-the-world-says-they-should-be.  It’s a great song for everyone.  I’d recommend an iTunes download for you.

Figure out who you are and everything changes.

Towards the end of his storytelling, Bart pulled out that one-liner and I melted a little inside… because I have forgotten.  Or maybe it’s just time for me to re-learn or learn anew.  Figure out who I am.

I have changed profoundly over these past couple of years.  On the inside.  Unless you’ve known me for a long long time, you probably wouldn’t notice.  But I’ve noticed.

I’m just not thinking and acting like I used to… my perspectives are different… how I see the world has changed… my attitudes and insights have shifted… my OS has been upgraded.  [operating system, that is.]

I need to take all this into some quiet time… and some dark… because that is where I do my best prayer.

Next time, I’m going to make sure I put my sweat pants on right though.  It’s so annoying when they’re on backwards.

Peace out.


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  1. Dan Mulhall says:

    You are so funny, and for someone so quiet, so self-revealing. Envy!

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