On a Beach Somewhere in the Pacific

Have you ever stood on a beach in the shallowest part of a wave? When the water rolls in and out over your toes, your feet get gently sucked into the wet sand. And after a little while, it feels like the whole earth is moving below you. Stand there long enough and the combination of waves and moving sandscape knock you off even steady feet.

There’s a romantic notion associated with the wispy image of standing on a beach at sunset with the crashing waves and shifting sands… alone or in the arms of someone you love… a gentle salty breeze… the quiet of night descending and stars rising.

* * Snap out of it * *

This is not a tourism commercial! Those idyllic moments rarely happen. Except on The Bachelor. [but then how idyllic can it really be with a television camera following you all around?]

I have been living on shifting sand for a number of years now and I have to report that the romance fades outs pretty quickly.

Life is a beach!

But it’s a shifting / always-moving / ever-evolving beach… and standing still for too long definitely knocks you down on your butt.  I know this to be true.

Right now, I’d like to be standing on one big ‘ole rock!

Capetown Rock Jumping

My daughter took this pic of her friend Ryan rock-jumping in Capetown, South Africa.

Cone Zone

Cut scene to mountains… Colorado.

I spent a nice spring break and Easter holiday in Denver with my family.

I didn’t pay particular attention in the moment, but there were some major construction projects going on in the city along many roads that we typically travel down there. Like most commuters, I thought of the detours and traffic-jamming lane closures as supreme headaches and frustrating disruptions in my activities.

Then it dawned on me as we were driving to the airport on the last day: Cities are always under construction.

Every time I go back, something in Denver has changed or is under construction. I think this is probably true of most cities. Even the small ones. [There’s a stretch of I-80 between Lincoln, Nebraska and Omaha that I swear has been a cone-zone for 30 years!]

On some level, big or bigger, perceptible or imperceptible, places change… either in our absence or our presence. Cities evolve.

And we hold that up as a sign of growth hopefully leading to greater prosperity.


Then the 20-pound brick fell on my head straight away.

People are always under construction too.

I am. Always evolving.
Perceptible or imperceptible.
Big or bigger.

There is reason and purpose for the sand constantly shifting under my feet. I am continually challenged to find a new balance because the world never stays the same.

I never stay the same. I am forever growing… hopefully leading to greater prosperity.

So my hope to be standing on a nice piece of big solid terra firma isn’t very realistic. Shouldn’t probably be on my list of expectations or even on my wish list.

Okay God… I’ll work harder at being happy on the beach.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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  1. Monique Jacobs says:

    Elaine! Post this on Reno Catholic Project! 🙂

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