I feel compelled to warn you… these flippers are lethal weapons!

Had a good chat with my friend Dobie. He is one of those people that I just click with… he gets me… he understands who I am and what I’m about and I rarely have to explain myself to him. He is a gift to me.

There are significant events going on in both our lives these days and as we talked, some pearls of wisdom emerged that I thought you might like to reflect on for your own spiritual journey.

Get to a healthy place.

Physically / emotionally / psychologically / spiritually. Most often, we know when we’re in an unhealthy space… the hard part is deciding that we need to make a change. What paralyzes us is the fear of what will be required to make that change.

Even situations of dis-health can feel comfortable and/or safe… but change is unknown and intimidating because… well… it’s unknown. Be courageous enough to change your context and put yourself in a place or space where you can heal.

Change your expectations.

We suffer because our expectations aren’t being met. Very often, that’s because we have the wrong expectations. Whether it is people who let us down or circumstances that didn’t pan out, we feel hurt or disappointment because we anticipated different outcomes.

Have you had enough hurt or disappointment already? Maybe you need to change your expectations. I know I do.

In this particular case, I have set the bar too high. So when reality didn’t come close to meeting my anticipated outcomes, I have felt pain and sadness. I am tired of feeling that way. I can’t control the situation [silly that I ever thought I could!] so I’m trying to let go of what I thought should happen and be more willing to respond with Whatever.

If they didn’t get it then,
they probably won’t get it now.

Even with one final very eloquently worded appeal, your message still may not be heard by the ones who need to hear it.

It’s kind of a romantic notion to think about leaving after getting in the last word. Speak your peace and ride off into the sunset… leave everyone’s jaws gaping to the floor because they were utterly speechless and unable to find adequate words to respond to your final wisdom.

* * Dream on! Both of us! * *

Probably isn’t going to happen that way. One last ditch effort to enlighten / clue-them-in / provide clarity or understanding / teach / shake-rattle-and-roll will likely fall on deaf ears or disbelieving hearts. Sometimes the best-last-word is no word.

This last pearl of great price caught my attention after I hung up with Dobie.

Pick yourself.

Don’t wait for the world to pick you based on your qualifications / education / credentials / experience / talent / knowledge / skills / connections or any other benchmark that you allow yourself to be judged by.

Pick yourself based on who you know yourself to be and what positive contribution you want to make to the world. And then go change the world.

By not picking yourself, you give all your power to “them”… whoever “them” are in your world.

Picking yourself brings back your power and places the privilege of carving your path into your hands.

[Do it yourself… rather than relying on someone else to set the course… because they won’t do it how you wanted anyway… unmet expectations… suffering… vicious cycle…]

So pick yourself and lead the way.

It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit that will remain.

John 15:16

What a comfort to know that while we were seeking God, God was already seeking us. God thought I was worthy enough to be chosen. So I must be worthy enough to choose myself.

Pearl of great price!


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

2 responses »

  1. susan says:

    You hit the mark today Laine.
    Pick yourself. Easy.
    I feel my personal power now that I’m 50+.
    Needed this reminder.
    Peace & love for you.

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