Got the Moves Like

that's me getting flipped upside down...

that’s me getting flipped upside down…

If there weren’t some kind of wrestling match going on in my spiritual life, I wouldn’t know what to do.

I’ve always got some interior question pinging around my soul-insides like an old-fashioned pinball machine… setting off lights / bells/ whistles and racking up new high scores.

A new friend recently labeled me Habitually Disruptive  because apparently I ask a lot of questions.

Him: I bet you were in the principal’s office frequently as a child.
Me: Yes.
Him: And I’m guessing it was because you got your work done quickly and were bored.
Me: Bingo!

I still get called to the principal’s office regularly. Some things never change. Others do too much. I digress.

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

So the latest wrestle: Should I change direction?

After many months and more tears than that, I feel like I have finally come through the fire. I actually had a moment in quiet prayer not long ago, when I said out loud: I think I’m done with all that! I think I’ve let it all go.

The pain… the heartache… the stress. It washed off my body in torrents. Such relief.

But… it wasn’t enough to let it all go.

I just learned the other half of that lesson this morning: I have to embrace what is to come.

Should I change direction?

Yes. There comes a point in life when all of us must change direction. The reasons are as vast and unique as each individual person.

In response to my specific question about change in direction, the answer is NO. But the answer to my larger question about change in direction is YES! [ More on that later.]

In order to successfully change direction, I will need to welcome it with open arms / trust that it is God’s plan for me / and then get my butt in gear and make it happen.

The Bottom Line

Any kind of change in life is a two-part lesson.

Let go of what has been.
Embrace what is to come.

The place-in-between those two actions is called liminal space. It’s the gray area where you do your best wrestling. Physically and emotionally and spiritually.

Sometimes we stay in liminal space for a long time. Sometimes it only feels like eternity. Liminal space is tough. But if you don’t faithfully do your time there, you never fully get to the point of the Necessary Embrace. That is the gift of liminal space and what it teaches.

All That Said

I am changing direction.

This is the final post here on

I will be migrating over to a new blogsite in the near future. When I get set up and ready to go, I’ll put one last link here that will let you come find me if you like.

Let me say what a joy and a privilege it has been to walk this journey with you. Your thoughtful comments have given me strength and insight that has challenged me to grow deep and wide.

I hope I have given you the same. That was my goal all along… that we might walk together in the liminal spaces of life… talking and laughing along the way.

I am making the Necessary Embrace.
I hope you will too.

Peace out.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

5 responses »

  1. Ronald of Richmond says:

    Meaningful post and cryptic message as is oftentimes your style! Bottom Line:
    “Learn from” and Let go of what has been.

  2. rox says:

    I look forward to the next part of the adventure. Thank you for sharing your observations and insights.

  3. Message received, staying tuned to this frequency.

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